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Teenage Melt Downs

Frosted Candy Apple

Frosted Candy Apple

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Our Frosted Candy Apple Fragrance indulges the senses with it's mouth-watering accord, starting with succulent top notes of red apple that drift into a delightfully sweet aroma.

Perfect for Halloween spooks and charmingly sweet aromas, our Frosted Candy Apple Fragrance makes any space sweetly inviting. Let it make its way into your hone to fill with lovable deliciousness - let a contrasting land of candy apple goodness await you at the end of a hard day's work! 

Top Notes  Red Apple
Middle Notes  Apple, Peach, Caramel
Base Notes  Musk, Vanilla, Sugar


Contains HEXYL CINNAMAL. May produce an allergic reaction. EUH210, Safety data sheet available on request.


5 cell snap bar.

Hand poured, highly scented wax melts. 

Soy wax, vegan friendly. 

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